Discovery consulting engineers 

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Discovery consulting engineers 

Our mission is to accelerate the human technological process by providing professional, efficient and affordable services encompassing detailed design and digital prototyping. We see the recent breakthrough in digital prototyping technologies as a transformative opportunity for modern industry, allowing the real-time discovery of new technical solutions to address global challenges. We will lead with innovation as an effective enabler in today’s industrial equipment space.


  1. Design advice and consulting.
  2. Providing detailed digital models in various formats for industrial machinery and equipment.
  3. Creation of digital R&D platforms for prototypical design testing.
  4. Generation of digital models for existing assets, equipment or facilities.
  5. Design optimisation for life cycle management through simulation of technological processes and scenarios.

For Research and Development:

  • We offer our customers the ability to design and perform proof of concept testing simultaneously, drastically reducing concept-to-implementation time.
  • We offer economical rates for detailing and modelling, ensuring that projects are delivered under budget and ahead of time.
  • We provide advice on risks, improvements, and implementation, enabling you to maximise results during the development stage and significantly reducing the risks associated with prototypical design implementation.

For Existing Assets:

  • We will digitize your existing engineering data and convert it into comprehensive 2D and 3D models, consolidating and securing the intellectual property for all of your assets.
  • We provide models suitable for digital prototyping to support further enhancements, retooling, or shut down.
  • We support the creation of digital twins of your assets.
  • Our models can be used for entire product life cycle, from conception to decommissioning.

For Decommissioning Projects:

  • We create an up-to-date digital model of your assets, applying degradation and wear variables
  • We analyse the physical properties of all existing assets
  • We enable our customers to simulate decommissioning scenarios and options in a digital environment during the planning phase of the project.
  • We provide accurate assessments (BOMs) for:
    • Weights
    • Load planning
    • Salvage values